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Financial Agreement

Student Financial Agreement:

Students must agree to the terms and conditions of the Student Financial Agreement. The Student Financial Agreement acknowledges that course registration creates a financial obligation to American Seminary. The agreement also clarifies withdrawal and non-payment conditions.

Any questions regarding the Student Financial Agreement can be directed to [email protected]  

Tuition does NOT include the books required.

The student’s tuition grants all online access for the chosen degree plan of the student.

There are no additional costs or fees beyond the online tuition costs. 6.

The student must purchase all books. Please see the book list links.


The American Seminary offers a monthly payment plan to help families spread their payments across the academic year. Payments are made in monthly installments starting from the time of enrolment. For details, email [email protected].

Please read the Terms and Conditions before enrolling. Payments are due each month (on the date of enrollment) unless arrangement is made for another date each month.

Financial Obligations:

 I understand and agree that once I am registered for a course or courses at American Seminary, I am solely responsible for paying the resulting tuition and any other charges I have authorized to be posted to my account. I fully understand, acknowledge, and agree that regardless of any expected reliance by me on any third-party resource, including – without limitation – financial aid, employer reimbursements, scholarships, or any other external resource.

 I am personally responsible for all tuition as a term of my enrollment and remain personally responsible for paying any balances due to American Seminary. This agreement constitutes a continuing agreement obligating me to pay all outstanding balances due to the school.

It is expressly understood that I have read and understood all parts of the Financial Agreement and that I am required to enter into it upon application for enrollment. This agreement provides information about costs, rights to cancel, and the refund policy.

I understand that my diploma and/or transcripts will not be mailed to me until all of my financial obligations to the American Seminary have been satisfied. All fees and tuition are subject to change. I understand that if my account should lapse into delinquent status, I will receive no transcript no grades and will not be allowed to graduate or receive rights and privileges as a graduate until my bill is paid.

Students with a hold on their account will receive an error message when they attempt to register.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy:

 All withdrawal requests must be made in writing. The withdrawal period is computed from the student’s first payment date. The date of withdrawal is the date the letter or email indicating withdrawal is received in the school’s office of the Registrar. Refundable tuition will be paid within thirty days.

Schedule of Refund

During the first ten (10) consecutive days following full payment, the total tuition is paid. After seventeen (17) consecutive days from the date following full payment, 75% of the tuition paid will be refunded.

Registration Termination Fee will be deducted from the refund.

50% of the tuition paid will be refunded after twenty-five (25) consecutive days from the date following full payment.

25% of the tuition paid will be refunded after thirty-two (32) consecutive days from the date following full payment.

It is expressly understood that no refund will be given from the thirty-third (33) consecutive calendar days following full payment. There will be no exceptions.


 I acknowledge that I have read this Financial Agreement and fully understand it. By clicking on the application’s Accept, Buy Now, or Make Payment button, I agree to be bound by all of its terms, thereby obligating me to pay all outstanding balances that I may incur with American Seminary now and in the future.

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