Undergraduate Degrees Offered:

 A. Bachelor of Ministry Biblical Counseling Degree – 120 Total hours

B. Bachelor of Ministry Biblical Education Degree – 120 Total hours


Prospective students are encouraged to apply online at www.americanseminary.net.

Students must meet the admissions requirements for each program for which they apply.

Students may be accepted into certain programs for which they meet admissions requirements.

The student may be rejected from a different program for which they do not meet the standard admissions requirements.

Prospective students who wish to speak to an Admissions Consultant about the admissions process or admission policies may do so by contacting the American Seminary Office of the Registrar at [email protected].

Minimum Standing for Admission:

 If a student fails to meet the minimum standing for admission to the desired course of study (program), to submit certain admissions requirements, or to meet admissions standards, he/she will be rejected from the program.

AMERICAN SEMINARY is an Open Enrollment school with an open enrollment admissions policy in Higher Education. It accepts candidates regardless of their grade point average, and usually, no minimum grade point average (GPA) or test score is required. The seminary accepts students who it believes will benefit from and contribute to its intellectual community.

Grade of C and Above: Credit will be allowed for those courses in which the undergraduate student has earned a grade of C or higher. Non-transferable Courses:

Here is a list of some of the courses that cannot be granted transfer credit (please keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive):

  • Remedial/Developmental courses – sometimes numbered 1-99,
  • Pass/Fail courses,
  • Continuing Education courses – usually noted by CEU (Continuing Education Units), Workshops, Seminars, and Orientation Courses.
  • Number of Term hours granted: The number of term hours granted is by the number of hours earned at the institution where the course was taken.
  • Quarter credit must be converted to Module-Course credit. The number of hours of a course at another institution may be slightly more or less than the number of hours of the comparable course at the American Seminary. However, if it is significantly less, then the course may not cover the necessary breadth and/or depth of content.

It is expressly understood that all 10 Modules of the undergraduate degree courses must be completed to earn a 120-hour degree. Any transferable Courses will be added to the total number of credit hours only upon graduation.

 Transferable Courses will only affect credit hours and not GPA. The GPA the student earns in the American Seminary programs are the only grade points which will be considered in the overall GPA. It should be expressly understood that no transfer credit will be given for courses which have a 1.99 or lower course GPA (D below).

The declaration of a major should be chosen by the 9th Course-Module. If a program change is desired, the student must contact the American Seminary via the registrar – [email protected]. Notification in writing is required from the student.

Undergraduate students are recognized by classification and determined by hours completed toward graduation.

Student Classification Hours Toward Graduation Degree Plans:

  • Freshman; 0-23.99 hours:  Course Module-Courses 1-2
  • Sophomore; 24-47.99 hours: Course Module-Courses 3-5
  • Junior; 48-71.99 hours: Course 6-8
  • Senior; 72 and above hours: Course 9-10

Students who have broken enrollment (did not take at least one Module-Course in the previous academic year or twelve consecutive months) must reapply to American Seminary. It is clearly understood that reasonable progress is required in twelve months. At least one Course Module of “course work” must be completed to maintain student status over twelve months. Reasonable progress applies to all students.

Re-application is made via the online application process and the Board will either approve or deny the student for re-admission. An application for a re-application is also keyed with a Business Office Checklist. The Business Office Checklist is used to determine if a student has any outstanding debts. Any debt exceeding $150 prevents student re-admission. NOTE: Additional admissions requirements may be requested, depending upon a student’s record.

Online Policy and Procedures

Students shall submit all assignments through the online educational system. Communication with students via the Internet shall be integral to all coursework. This may include emails, chats, webinars, and online meetings (i.e. Zoom or Skype.)

Online courses shall include the availability of course content through the online educational system. The quantity of written materials will be sufficient to support assignment activities. All materials that “practically” can be made available online shall be available online.

The student will need to acquire other materials independently of the school. Those may be in other media, such as books, e-books, CDs / DVDs, Webinars, and YouTube.

Furthermore, online courses shall include tests, essays, and reading assignments.

 As part of the written syllabus, instructors of online courses shall develop explanatory material that will guide students in the navigation of their particular course. Examples of topics discussed in the explanatory material include how students must log on; how students submit assignments online; how students communicate questions and how they get assistance, etc. This is accomplished via emailing the registrar at [email protected]

It is expected that staff/assistants will make a reasonable effort to contact students who have not been in contact with the school at any point in the term of enrollment. The Office of the Dean of Education is available to help meet academic standards.

The school will provide the following forms of support for online courses:

  • The school’s Department of Technical Support provides technical support for students via phone or e-mail. NOTE: This does not include general computer support since students are expected to have their own computers supported by their vendor and manufacturer.
  • Academic support for students via phone, email, or other online methods.
  • Online help (in various forms), where possible, documents i.e. resource pages.

Basic Graduation Requirements:

 Students shall submit a “Graduation Application” online at the beginning of the final completion of all 10 Module-Courses.

Students need a 2.0 Cumulative GPA for graduation.

Graduation Application are sent to the registrar: [email protected].

Graduation Applications

It should be expressly understood that all ten (10) Course Module must be completed regardless of how many credits are being transferred. NO substitutions are allowed.

American Seminary will accept transfer credits from like accredited institutions and will include those credits hours on the student’s final transcript upon graduation. The student should note, however, that these transfer credits will in no way be a substitute for the Modules-Courses required for graduation. They will, instead, enhance the student’s transcript of total credit hours achieved.

It should be expressly understood that the student’s GPA on any and all transfer credit hours is not calculated into the overall GPA for American Seminary.

The Policies and Procedures and Student Handbook is available online at www.americanseminary.net.

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